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I am a member of many avonlea and non-avonlea related groups. Although I am a "lurker" 90% of the time, I do enjoy reading the e-mail from all these groups. If you wish to join simply click on the link.

Groups I own or co-moderate

avonleapage_updates If you own a website about avonlea or anne, or you just like viewing them, well then this is the place for you. A place where anyone can announce updates, discuss upcoming features or anything having to do with their avonlea/anne website

bookaholicsanonymous If you LOVE to read then come join. We read books and discuss them. A new one each month

GreaseFans Are you a fan of the movie or Play Grease? Then come join

LESMISFANS Are you a fan of the broadway show Les Miserables or a fan of Victor Hugo's story Les Miserables? Then feel free to come and join us

RentFansThis is the first group I ever joined, and my friend made me co-modserator. For all fans of the broadway hit RENT. Please come and join the conversation.

Groups I am a member of

AnneFansIf you love the anne of green gables movies or books then this is the group for you. They love to talk and they love to meet new friends, be careful thought for controversial subjects are bound to pop up on occassion.

AnneFicDo you love to write stories about anne of green gables? Then this is the cvlub for you. Share your stories and read new stories as well

annepage_updateDo you like Dawn's unofficial Anne of Green Gables website? Then join this list and learn when it is updated.

avonleavillageIf you love the series Road to Avonlea then come join. Lots of information on the series, upcoming sullivan entertainment projects and lots of news about the actors