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Festival Jarod My best friend's page. He is still learning, but it is well worth a look. Lots about his favorite movies and actors.

A Tribute to Jennifer Lopez A great site on Jennifer Lopez. Jesper, the webmistress, was so kind to allow me to use the biography of JP on my own site

Strawberry Fields Fleurs page. It's great, with stuff on Anne of Green Gables, the beatles and much much more

Dawn's Photoalbum Dawn D's photoalbum. with albums on Megan Follows, Rick Springfield. Dermot Mulroney and much more

Scott and Shelby's Domain My friend Kriten's page on two of her favorite television characters. Check it out!

WeLcOmE To My LoOnEy PaGe Erin's page. You need Java to see some of this

LILitBITT's Wacky Page Donna's page. Cool page with scooby doo pics and more

"Where Everybody Knows Your Name" / "Megan Follows Rules"