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Our Divine Miss. M.!!!!!

As in Miss. Megan...Megan Follows to be exact. She's the best...the most talented and above all the number one greatest actress ever to be introduced to the world!!! She is best known as her role of Anne Shirley in the award winning "Anne of Green Gables" and she again perfected the role of Anne in "Anne of Avonlea." Although She was terrific in these two movies....any real Megan Fan can tell you...her talents far surpass just those two movies. A good friend of mine once said, "There's just something about Megan." I for one totally agree. There is definitely something about Megan. Whether it be her smile, or her personality, or her acting, I don't think anyone truly knows. One thing is for sure though...whether she be playing a imaginatve young orphan, Shakespeare's Juliet, or a cartoon....she brings life to the screen or stage. I must give a standing ovation to OUR divine Miss. M.....From all your fans Megan to you....we are sending you one great big HUG and a great heart felt thanks for the endless hours of enjoyment you give to all of us. Now that that is said, I have to go....I just came down with "Sudden Meg Syndrome," off to watch one of her movies.

Megan,We like her. We love her. We want some more of her.

Megan Follows' Birthday is next month so now's the time to celebrate. Please send her a birthday greeting.

Please read


I was notified by insidetheweb that they are discontinuing their service and since I can't download the message board onto a disk using webtv I had to cancel it. Once I get a computer in June I'll add a new message board. Sorry

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